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Snake of Massachusetts

Non-venomous Black or Brown snakes

Is the Snake…

Slender and silky black with smooth scales, dark belly and white chin; uses a variety of habitats; common (36-60", up to 73")? (If Yes, click here)

Chunky and black with keeled scales, mottled light and dark belly and white or cream colored chin; typically found on forested hillsides; rare; Connecticut Valley and southern Worcester County (42-72", up to 101")? (If Yes, click here)

Thick-bodied, and black with keeled scales and an upturned snout, that usually spreads its head and neck and hisses when confronted, resembling a cobra; cross-banded pattern may be faint or absent; prefers open, sandy areas; uncommon (20-33", up to 45")? (If Yes, click here)

Thick-bodied and dark gray, dark brown or reddish brown with strongly keeled scales and a light belly with orange or black crescent shaped markings; cross-banded pattern may be faint or absent; typically found near water; common (24-42", up to 55")? (If Yes, click here)

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